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What are webhook

Webhooks are user-defined callbacks. They provide a lightweight mechanism for letting remote applications receive push notifications from SolidShops, without requiring polling. For example, you may want to sync your SolidShops products with your inventory system or add a new customer to your CRM system once a SolidShops order has been created.

The webhook will send the details about the object(product/page/order) to the endpoint you have configured in the SolidShops admin. This message has the same structure as the one in our api or template language.

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How to set up webhooks

Webhooks can be created using our API or our admin. You can configure email and http(s) endpoints for all kind of product, page and order events.

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Receiving webhooks

Solidshops processes your entire webhook queue approximately every minute. If the webhook URL doesn't return a 2XX HTTP response code within 5 seconds, that POST request will be re-attempted at increasing intervals until the requests succeeds or until it has been manually deleted from the queue.

If the first item in the queue is being retried, no other items in the queue will be attempted in order to guarentee "exactly once in order" delivery.

If you delete a webhook, all items in the queue(for this webhook) will be deleted. You can also delete a single item from the queue using our admin interface.

If you configure an https endpoint, make sure you have a valid ssl certificate.

During development you can use tools like to simplify debugging.

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