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We asked our clients to describe us, because they know best.


SolidShops web designer testimonial

"Facebook stores rock"

With SolidShops, I can easily create a Facebook store with a unique design for my clients. They love it, I love it.

— Michel, CEO

SolidShops web designer testimonial

"SolidShops saves me time"

Because SolidShops is a hosted application, I can get started in minutes. There's nothing to download or install.

— Jeroen, media developer

SolidShops web designer testimonial

"Extremely user friendly"

Running a store is a lot of work. Luckily I have SolidShops to do the heavy lifting for me. I love the simple admin interface.

— Jill, store owner

SolidShops web designer testimonial

"Made for designers"

SolidShops is made by and for web designers and it shows. The built-in code editor makes it dead easy to code stores.

— Pascal, web developer

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