Celebrating our top 2013 customers

Hi there,

As most of you know, 2013 has been a turbulent year for us in which a lot happened:

The focus for next year will be on integrations and themes.  We really have some cool stuff in our pipeline, so stay tuned!

Today, we are also taking advantage of the opportunity to thank our loyal top customers with a small package!  If you have created multiple stores or did something really nice in our little SolidShops community, you should have received a bpost tracking id by now.


Some of our customers even have their kids updating their SolidShops store. While we certainly are not in favor of child labor, we really appreciate the inhouse training!


We would like to thank you for the shops you have been building, the trust you have put in our company on a daily basis and all the feedback and recommendations you have been sending us over the past year.

We want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

update: Since some of our customers where already quite curious about the package we can already give the following tip-off: not all elephants have something to do with  PHP 🙂