Delayed order confirmation emails for some shops

Hi everyone. Today one of our clients informed us that he didn’t receive any new order confirmation emails from his store. Right after we got his message, we resolved this issue, but since some of you will receive delayed emails from the past few days we wanted to explain what happened and we want to apologize for this incident.

We upgraded all of our servers to the latest builds of the software packages we use to host your stores. We do this regularly in order to keep everything snappy and secure. Upgraded packages include web servers, database servers and email servers. Everything went according to plan and all services were upgraded without any downtime for the stores hosted on the SolidShops platform. Everything … except for one mail server instance.

No order confirmation emails (read: zero) were lost, but a small portion of our users will notice that they will receive emails from the past few days.

We sincerely want to apologize for this delay and have put measures into place to avoid such a delay from happening again. Thanks to one of our clients who informed us about what exactly was wrong, we were able to locate and resolve the problem in a matter of minutes.

So please, never hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance and we’ll get right on it like we’ve done since we launched.