Giving back to the community: Free SolidShops Workshops

SolidShops is a great application no doubt, but it wouldn’t be so great without the amazing support and feedback we’ve received from our users over the past few months. Every two weeks, we iterate and deploy a new version which includes bug fixes, tweaks and new features that our users have asked for.

Some users have asked us for deep insights in building custom templates and themes for their clients’ stores. Even though our template language is documented pretty well, we understand that our users can benefit from a kickstart to start building better stores.

Free workshop on June 14th, 2011 @ Burooz coworking space

In order to give something back to the community, we’re organizing a series of free workshops where me and my co-founder Dries will be helping our users out in person to get those stores up and running in no time. Hell, we’ll even bring some beers with us to make sure everybody is motivated enough to start working on their stores after their long day of work, you won’t be sorry!

Our first workshop is planned for June 14, 2011 and will take place in the amazing Burooz coworking place in Antwerp starting at 17:30. You are welcome from 17:00 to meet some other web and ecommerce professionals.

We like to keep things cozy, so we will keep the number of participants for this session pretty low.

Here’s what you can expect from the Burooz venue

Can I come too?

Yes, if you are active in the web space and have a thorough knowledge of HTML/CSS (we’ll be building online stores after all) we’d love to meet you! Of course, we’d love to meet you anyhow, but the workshop probably isn’t for you if you think a doctype involves calling a docter or if you use a stylesheet for covering your bed.

Interested in joining us? Signup is now closed. The following attendees have been confirmed:

Workshop Details

Tuesday June 14 – 17:00 – 19:00

Burooz coworking Antwerpen
Duboisstraat 50
2060 Antwerpen

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