Hooray! We just launched SolidShops (in beta)

Web designers, slip into something comfortable and check your email, because it’s finally here: the first beta version of SolidShops.com. We just emailed the first batch of beta users that subscribed to our mailing list.

If you are one of our first few hundred subscribers to our beta, you should have received an invitation code in your mailbox by now that allows you to sign up for an account. With that invitation code you don’t have to pay a penny for six months. That’s right, we’re giving away six months for free, but that’s the least we could do for being so patient.

The only thing we’d like to ask you is that you enjoy our app and that you give us some feedback if there is anything that we can improve to make our application even better.

Those who received an invitation will also notice that they can pass the code along to three persons. Don’t send the invites just to anybody, make sure you send them to people that are just as passionate about building online stores as you are, so that they also might improve the application by providing valuable feedback.

What if you didn’t receive a beta invite yet?

If you didn’t receive a beta code but you subscribed to our mailing list, don’t panic. We’ll be sending our more invitation codes within the next few weeks after we have improved the application just that little bit more based on the feedback from our first users.

That being said, no web app is perfect and we really want SolidShops to be the best app that it can be for you and your clients. That’s why we’ll send out invitations in different batches and we’ll keep improving the application based on the feedback we get from every batch. Keep an eye open for people with invitations to spare on Twitter or in the blog-o-sphere.

Enjoy the app everyone!