SolidShops mobile is here for iPhone, Android and more

Today we launch SolidShops mobile for all you hipster web designers and shop owners that want to be able to check store orders on the go. Just visit with your iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry or any other browser enabled mobile device and you are ready to rock.

With this initial release, you are able to check what clients have ordered in your store. In future releases we will expand the functionality of the mobile application based on your feedback, so please, let us know what you want us to add and we’ll look into it.

It’s a web application, not a native app

Before we decided to make a web application, we thought about who would be using the mobile application. We’ve noticed that our clients who run an online store have different preferences when it comes to mobile devices. Some would use an iPhone, others would prefer their BlackBerry and then there’s a large number of people using even other platforms such as Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile.

We decided to take the web based route which has one big advantage over native apps: any mobile device with a (modern) browser can use our mobile application. Let us know in the comments if you are having problems with the application and please share what platform and browser version you are on.

iOS users: put it on your home screen

If you own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can easily add the application to your home screen so that it feels just like a native app. In order to do so, follow the following easy steps:

  1. fire up Safari and navigate your browser to
  2. press the + icon at the bottom of your screen to “Add to Home Screen”
  3. give it the name “SolidShops” or any name you prefer
  4. et voila, you can now start it just like any other app

Thanks to our users

Many of the ideas to improve SolidShops come from our users. Without that input and feedback we wouldn’t be able to pivot our software into a direction that makes it easier for web designers to build online stores for their clients.

Thanks for the patience and the extremely valuable feedback you have given us in the past few months. We are happy to turn that feedback into a better application, one release at a time.

Enjoy the app everyone!