SolidShops, now with 100% more localization!

Localization is by far the most requested feature by our users. Our designer friendly template language allowed you to build 100% custom HTML/CSS frontends for your stores from the day we launched but now we have included checkout process translations as well.

This way you can have a completely localized store in any language you prefer, from the homepage to the order confirmation page. To launch this new feature, we included an English and Dutch version of the checkout process, but one of our clients (thanks Faisal) has already translated the checkout page into Spanish as well.

Dutch has been the most requested language next to English so far. If you want to add your own language to translate the checkout process, contact us and we’ll add it for you.

Changing the checkout language from English to another language is easy. Log into the back end of your store and go to “Settings->general” to select the language of your choice.

Once you save your settings, your users will see the checkout page in their own language.

Customize or translate your emails

After translating the checkout process, the only thing left to achieve 100% localized stores was the translation of emails. For example, whenever a client orders a product in your store, they will receive a confirmation email. Now you can completely customize or translate the emails that we send out to your clients.

Just go to “design -> emails & notifications” and adjust the email messages to your liking. You can use any of the variables from our template language to build even more engaging emails. Here’s an example of how you can edit the emails with our template language and what the final result looks like in your client’s inbox:

We couldn’t have built these great features without the amazing feedback from our users, so thank you all. Keep building better stores everyone and enjoy these new additions to SolidShops.