Sweet! We’re in Web Designer Magazine #44

It’s great to see that web designers are getting more and more into the e-commerce space. Facebook stores are gaining momentum now that it’s more important than ever to conduct cross channel marketing for your online business.

The Dutch edition of Web Designer Magazine decided to publish an article about building Facebook stores in their latest release. I’ve had the honor and the pleasure of writing a SolidShops tutorial for them to help web designers get a Facebook store up and running in no time.

If you haven’t done so already (and if you can read Dutch of course), head over to their website and buy the latest edition of Web Designer now!

SolidShops in Vitaya Lifestyle Magazine

This month SolidShops got mentioned in Vitaya magazine, a monthly lifestyle magazine. You can find us on page 26 in the “techno mix” as the WWW-tip of the month.

Here’s a small screen grab for the Dutchmen among us.

Thanks Vitaya, for featuring us in your splendid magazine.

SolidShops is Sweet As Candy!

Sweet as candy! That’s what SolidShops is to web designers and their clients. Betacandy.com thought the same thing and featured us as one of their startups for their members. Betacandy is an amazing application that connects web designers, developers, tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with fresh new online applications.

Early adopters are flocking to betacandy to be the first to learn about new apps coming out and to get early and exclusive access to these same apps. We are truly happy to be on the site and hope to enable their users to build better online stores using SolidShops.

Thanks for the beta love betacandy!

SolidShops featured on Think Vitamin

Think Vitamin is a fantastic blog aimed at web designers and developers. Since we are web developers ourselves, we are truly honored that Think Vitamin published a blog post about the lessons we have learned from starting up SolidShops.com.

We wanted to share our experiences with other designers and developers out there who are thinking about launching their own amazing product. That’s why we decided to write down the most important lessons we’ve learned so that others can learn from our mistakes and get their products online faster and easier.

Read the original article on Think Vitamin and make sure you check out the rest of their blog, it’s full of high quality content.

Thanks for featuring the article Think Vitamin!

SolidShops in The Web Designer’s Idea Book #2

Sweet, we just got published in The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 2. The book just hit our mail box this morning and we are really happy with the community love we are getting from this.

Are you in the book? Or do you own the book and did you spot us? Post a photo url in the comments or email the photo to joris-at-solidshops.com where you hold the page where SolidShops is featured on in an original way and we’ll give you one year for free in our standard pricing plan!*

* The top 3 favorite pictures we receive by January 1 2011 will receive 12 months for free and will be notified by email.