A custom 404 error page never hurt nobody

The dreaded 404 page is the page your visitors reach when they try to go do a page on your site that doesn’t exist. Maybe the page has moved or there was a typo in the URL. Whatever the cause, your user may be confused about what to do next or may even be put off by the ugly default “404 – Page Not Found” error your browser pulls out of its hat.

Some creative web designers go the extra mile to comfort their visitors that have lost their way around the site. You can do the same with SolidShops, simply by creating a new “Custom template” named “404” in your store’s theme. Design the page just the way you want and whenever visitors land on a non-existing URL  in your store, they will be redirected to your custom 404 page.

Here are a few great examples to give you some inspiration.

A whole lot more great examples:


Let us know how you’ve spiced up your SolidShops 404 page and we’ll feature it in this post!