Infographic: How colors affect purchases

Did you ever think about picking the right colors for your store? If you did, you might know that the colors red/orange, black and royal blue (Burger King anyone) attract impulse shoppers and tend to show up a lot at outlet malls.

Warm exciting colors like red make you feel hungry and energetic. Lighter blue on the other hand makes you feel secure and trustworthy about a brand or store. That’s why so many banks have – you guessed it – blue logo’s and branding. Not that our banks can be trusted as much as they could be in the older days, but then again, a red logo wouldn’t help much.

Our friends at KISSmetrics have made an interesting infographic about how colors can affect purchases.

Not only do colors affect what kind of customers you’ll be attracting. The use of power words can also evoke certain emotions. For example: the infographic mentions that 52% of consumers are more likely to enter a store if there is a sale sign in the window. Definitely worth giving a shot in your online store as well.