Deployment Day: version 1.0.2 just deployed

Time flies dear friends. We launched less than a month ago and the second update is already here. We have put a policy in place where we will deploy new functionality and bugfixes at least every two weeks.

Just like our first Deployment Day from two weeks ago, we have been working hard on fixing some of the bugs our users pointed out, as well as putting in some improvements to make the application even better.

Here’s the full list:

  • Order details now show the clients full country name instead of just the country code
  • Order confirmation emails are updated and contain your shop domain for easy access
  • A contact page has been added so that anyone can contact us straight from the website
  • Pricing plans have been updated. The basic plan can now have 2 staff logins instead of just one
  • Some empty documentation pages have been updated. Thanks to Webnology for the request
  • Added instructions to the Payment settings page on how to link up a PayPal account
  • Fixed a typo on the checkout page
  • In this release, a lot of server improvements have been made to more easily manage user backups

Keep sending in great feedback so that we can improve the application to perfection. Enjoy the update!