Deployment Day: version 1.0.4 is now live

Hi fellow eCommerce developers! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We sure did but now we are back with our first update of the year.

Following up on our bi-weekly deployment promise, we have just released version 1.0.4 of our hosted eCommerce platform. Based on the great feedback we received from our current user base, we have implemented the following fixes:

  • all shops are now running on HTTPS for improved security
  • the links in our HTML confirmation emails are now clickable
  • if you cancel an order, the order isn’t shown on your dashboard graph anymore
  • canceled orders aren’t counted in your statistics anymore
  • the “tax settings” screen seemed a bit unclear so we improved the usability there
  • it’s now possible to use relative url’s in your CSS files
  • some users reported HTTPS warnings on two pages. These warning are now gone.
  • a minor CSS bug was fixed to mark up tables correctly
  • in Internet Explorer, notifications didn’t show properly. This has been resolved.
  • a bug in our signup page caused a warning in internet explorer 7. This has been fixed.
  • the “staff logins” page contained a bug where users could enter unlimited users.

Of course, just like always we’ve done our share of work on the server side of the application as well, this time mainly to improve stability and security.

Enjoy the new release everyone and thanks a lot for your amazing feedback, keep it coming please. Thanks to you we are able to improve SolidShops continuously!

We wish all our users a lot of success and especially a lot of eCommerce fun in 2011!