Deployment Day: version 1.0.8 is now live

In the two weeks after our previous release, we have again received an amazing amount of useful feedback from our users. We use that feedback to plan what features or fixes we should release in every new version of our software that we bring online. Here ‘s what’s new in this release:

New Feature

User Permissions for staff logins

Sometimes you don’t want your clients to see the ‘design’ or ‘settings’ tab in your store. Go to “account”->”Staff Logins” or click here if you are logged in to your store and click on the user you want to set access permissions for. If you don’t grant your users access to some of the tabs, they won’t see the tabs and they won’t be able to access them.

Updates & Fixes

  • We now log an activity to your dashboard when somebody edits a product
  • We now log an activity to your dashboard when somebody adds a comment to an order
  • We now log an activity to your dashboard when a product is out of stock
  • You can now filter products by tags using the template language
  • A French version of the checkout process is now available
  • A bug was fixed in the template editor that would remove ‘+’ signs from source code
  • The user image of a client is now shown in your orders if the user has a gravatar
  • There was a bug where tags would be cut off after 100 characters, this has been resolved
  • We fixed a bug in stock management that allowed people to buy products that were out of stock
  • Three extra variables have been added to products in the template language:
    1. product.stock: the actual stock level of your product
    2. product.trackstock: true/false depending on whether or not you are tracking stock
    3. product.alwaysavailable: true/false depending on whether or not users can buy the product when it’s out of stock