Deployment day: version 1.1.3 is now live

No better day to stress-test our deployment systems than Friday the 13th! Luckily for us the update was flawless and all stores have now been updated to version 1.1.3 of the SolidShops application.

Improvements made in this release:

  • we streamlined our template language and made it more straightforward to build out your templates
  • the documentation has been updated to reflect changes we made to our template language
  • all existing themes have been automatically updated to use the new template language
  • Turkish is now a supported checkout language (Hoşgeldin kullanıcıları türk!)
  • Turkish Lira is now a supported currency
  • Swedish is now a supported checkout language (hurra!)
  • We have removed the limit on images you can add per product. Go nuts!
  • Revision dates are now shown in a more human friendly manner
  • We added sample data and screenshots to new stores to make you feel right at home
  • The signup and getting started process has been polished and made even more user friendly
  • fixed a bug where people could buy more items than there were in stock
  • got rid of RE-CAPTCHA in favor of a much easier to use Captcha system on shop contact forms

We’ve been working on a number of new features as well. Make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you won’t miss any of them when they get announced.

Happy selling!