Deployment day: version 1.2.2 is now live

Aah summer, the greatest season of them all. But that doesn’t mean we got our tan on, we had a release to prepare for you guys. Here’s what we’ve fixed in this release, based on our clients’ feedback. Thanks for that!

  • sisow iDeal payment provider documentation has been updated
  • multiple file uploads are now possible in the assets browser
  • added support for Swiss Francs
  • added support for Danish Krone
  • loading product details via product.get() is now possible in partials (thanks Pascal)
  • a bug has been fixed where the assets browser showed incorrect thumbnails (thanks Pascal)
  • minor UI improvements in the “Add/Edit Product” screen
  • text didn’t reflect new lines in the order confirmation page, this has been fixed (thanks Jeroen)
  • minor textual improvements have been made to the Dutch checkout translation (thanks Jeroen)
  • minor UI improvements in the “Staff Logins” admin screen
  • you can now add custom JavaScript to the checkout pages by adding a file “checkout.js” to your theme
  • autocomplete functionality in some browsers made the checkout form inconsistent. This has been resolved (thanks David)
  • when adding a user, the password field kept saying that the password was “too short”. This has been fixed.
  • It’s also possible to sent out order confirmation mails to every staff login instead of the “contact email address” only

Enjoy the summer everyone and keep building better stores with SolidShops!