Deployment Day: Version 1.2.3 Is Now Live

While a part of our team is travelling between Ibiza and South Africa(enjoy!), we have prepared the following maintenance release.

As you know, we will only be deploying bugfixes and smaller features during this summer. But that doesn’t mean we are sipping cocktails all day long, although sometimes we wish we were ;)! We are currently working on features that our clients requested like discount coupons, an API based on our twig language and facebook stores!

The 1.2.3 maintenance release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • You could only upload product images > 200×200. Now you can upload any format.
  • A new currency filter has been added. documentation
  • Stock tracking data has been added to our template language “cart” object. documentation
  • While saving templates, a certain error was not caught.
  • We increased the upload limit of files from 2MB to 3 MB.
  • An error while logging in with IE with wrong credentials has been solved.
  • And most important, an issue with the tax calculation on shipping costs that occured in a specific case has been solved.

Enjoy the summer everyone and keep your feedback and requests coming!