Deployment Day: Version 1.2.4 Is Now Live

When we went into a public beta 18 releases ago, we made a promise that we would be deploying a new and improved version of our application every 2 weeks. This is probably the smallest release since we started out, but we are sticking to our promise!

This release contains the following two improvements:

  • support for Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • the pagination object for templates was only available for products, now it can also be used for content pages

Recently we’ve been getting some great feedback about our customers, like the following email below. We’d like to thank all our customers for the amazing support that keeps us going and motivates us to make the application better, one release at a time.


You  have helped me so much, and I really wish my
instructors and fellow students had the same attitude. I’ve never really had
such patient and understanding help before. Especially from someone I’ve
never met. I try not to ask too many questions if I know I can figure it out
on my own. It’s my nature to be curious, but I don’t want to rely on other
people to answer my questions for me. I really appreciate the resources
you’ve given me and the help that you’ve provided. Not to mention the blocks
of code that you’ve sent me. Do you know how much time you’ve saved me? All
the while giving me free access to the service? I’m sure you’re aware.. but
are you aware of how grateful my business partner and I are? You really do
want people to build better stores! I hope you guys end up incredibly

Thank you again.


Enjoy the update and keep your feedback coming!