Deployment Day: Version 1.3.1 is now live

Every two weeks we release a new version of SolidShops this year. That has been our promise when we launched on the first of January earlier this year. We haven’t missed a release since then and are once again here with an update to further improve the application.

The following things have been fixed or implemented in this release:

  • a minor bug has been fixed where user gravatar pictures weren’t served correctly over HTTPS
  • minor performance improvements have been made to the “Simplesse” and “Social” templates
  • order details now show whether an order has been created and paid for in “test” or “live” mode
  • added support for Costa Rican¬†Colones (CRC)
  • all Facebook stores now runin HTTPS-mode, which is obligatory starting October first 2011

This is a maintenance release in which we have fixed a small number of issues that our users have reported. We’ve listened to the feedback from our users as always and will be releasing several interesting features in our upcoming releases. Please let us know if you have any feature requests or if you find any bugs.

Thanks again for the feedback and support everyone, you’re the best crowd we could wish for here at SolidShops.