Deployment Day: Version 1.3.3 is now live

Every month, we get several feature requests from our passionate users. Thanks for that!
In this release, we’ve implemented the following much requested features:

  • easier product management with search filters and sort options
  • easier order management with search filters and sort options
  • easier content pages management with sort options

To use this feature, just navigate to your products, orders or pages in the backend of your store and use the filter options on top to refine your search. If you want to order your results, simply click on the column name you want to filter by.

Your filter preferences are “remembered” until you refine them again, or until the next time you login to your store.

On top of the additions above, we have fixed the following issues or bugs.

  • some Javascript files wouldn’t get uploaded in the assets manager, this has been resolved
  • when building a search function for your store, you can now also search on “tags”
  • the mobile version of SolidShops sometimes threw warnings about HTTPS, this has been fixed.
  • the product and page description textarea can now be maximized for easier editing.
    Press the “maximize” button on the top right side of your text editor to use this feature
  • when you lock a store and open your store to the public afterwards, your store wouldn’t be locked anymore. This has been resolved.
  • we removed the animations when navigating between screen in the mobile app, because that would cause screen flickering on some mobile devices

Thanks to all our alert users who have noticed the above bugs.

Enjoy the update everyone and let us know if you have an idea that can improve our application and our service to you. We’d love to know!