Deployment Day: Version 1.4.6 is now live

We’ve just upgraded all stores to the latest version of the SolidShops e-commerce CMS. This is a maintenance release with a few improvements, based on the feedback we’ve received from you all.

Here’s a short summary of items that have been fixed or improved with this release:

  • taxes and shipping support for Channel Islands and Canary Islands has been added
  • from now on it’s possible to export all your product data into a CSV or XML file
  • the last lines of a template were not shown in fullscreen editing mode, this has been fixed
  • in some cases, the template editor opened in fullscreen mode by default, this has been resolved
  • a warning message is now shown if you want to edit a product price when variant prices are already used
  • from now on, you can have up to 10 custom cart attributes instead of 5
  • mailing list preference from your customers is now shown on every order details screen
  • some users experienced a sudden logout of the system, this has been fixed
  • custom email address and mailing list preference have been added to order export data (and API in beta)

Thanks for sending in your feedback, we’ll keep improving the software and are planning a few larger updates for our next release.

Keep on selling!