Deployment Day: Version 1.4.9 is now live

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we have released a new version of our application but we had to rework some of our internal processes.

Here’s a short summary of items that have been fixed or improved in release 1.4.9:

  • Our beta API is now running on https only
  • Emmet(aka Zen Coding) has been integrated into the template editor
  • the cart.items object now contains the product_id
  • the kube framework and twitter bootstrap theme’s have been added to our theme store
  • a filter url_decode has been added to the template language
  • solved a few theme editor bugs
  • solved an IE8 bug in variants
  • Portugees has been added to the checkout languages
  • we improved our variant datamodel so you can have more than 128 variants
  • some favicons could not be uploaded because of security issues

Thanks for keep sending in your feedback!