Deployment Day: Version 1.5.3 is now available

We just deployed a nice maintenance release for you!

A first step to multi-language stores

  • A cart POST parameter “checkout_language” has been added so you can overwrite the checkout language you have set in your SolidShops backend.
  • An extra function solid.getLastUrlSegment() has been added to easily fetch the last segment of an url.
  • From now on you can have your checkout page in German.
  • We have enabled currency support for Algerian dinar(DZD) and Angolan Kwanza(AOA).
  • An extra custom field type “WYSIWYG” has been added. This allows you to create extra editor fields on your products page so you can tranlate the product description in different languages.

We already have a few multi-language stores. Please contact support if you need some examples or more information.

Some improvements to our theme editor and themes

  • A new theme with Twitter Bootstrap v3 has been added.
  • From now on the solid.embed (“templatename”,array()) accepts an extra parameter where you can pass some variables. This is really usefull if you want to render the same piece of template with different kinds of data.
  • We have upgraded our code editor to the latest version.
  • We also enabled our code editor from editing the invoice pdf & mails.
  • We made our code editor a bit bigger, added tag highlighting, code folding and support for html autocompletion with ctrl-space.

Other bugfixes and small features

  • In the SolidShops backend, you can now search on the id of a product or order.
  • When an order from Sisow expired(abandonned order), SolidShops marked this order in some situations wrongfully as paid. Offcourse, this issue has been solved immediately.
  • When you updated your cart attributes in the shopping cart, only the first 5 were updated. From now on all 10 cart attributes will be updated in the cart template
  • From now on it’s also possible to add new products to your cart  from the store’s “cart” template.
  • For SEO reasons,  we will keep the original filename of an uploaded image. This allows better indexation by search engines, so your products will appear higher in Google image searches.
  • The currently deployed version of SolidShops  is now shown in the footer of your SolidShops backend.

Enjoy the updates everyone and let us know if you have an idea that can improve our application and our service to you. We’d love to know!