Deployment Day: Version 1.6.5 shipping notifications and more

We’ve just upgraded all stores to the latest version of the SolidShops e-commerce CMS. This is a maintenance release with a few improvements, based on the feedback we’ve received.

Automated shipping emails to your customers

From now on you can enable an email notification that will be sent to your customer once you’ve marked your order as shipped in the SolidShops backend.

By default this email notification is not enabled but it can be activated here. The same interface can be used to edit the email subject and message. Of course you can use our template language to enhance your message with extra data like previous orders or recommended products.

The following message will appear in the SolidShops admin just before you change the status of an order to shipped:


Global variables in your templates

Until this release, you could pass some parameters to a partial by adding them as a second parameter to the solid.embed() function. This can be really useful if for instance you have a partial for rendering a list of products and you would like to embed this partial from different templates likes index,search, category etc.

From this release it’s also possible to set a global variable somewhere in a template or partial, and fetch the value of this variable in any subsequent template or partial.

A good use case for global variables is for example when you want to create a configurable theme. You could include a configuration partial, that contains all kinds of global variables, and include this partial at the top of every template.  This configuration partial would contain variables such as api keys, social media urls,  multilanguage fields or even the number of products that should be shown on a given page.

Having all your theme settings in one place will make it a lot easier to maintain your theme, especially if the theme is used by multiple stores or users

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • An issue with facebook product urls introduced with our latests performance release has been solved
  • We now have proper robots.txt files for your facebook store
  • When a shop does not exist anymore, the request is redirected to it’s own landing page


Enjoy the updates everyone and let us know if you have an idea that can improve our application and our service to you. We’d love to know!