Deployment Day: Version 1.7.4 Coupons and bugfixes

We’ve just upgraded all stores to the latest version of the SolidShops e-commerce CMS.   This is a maintenance release with a few improvements, based on the feedback we’ve received.


Adding more features to our coupon module is something that has been requested quite a lot by our customers. Until today you could only create coupons that were applicable to the shopping cart total or to the shipping costs only. In today’s release we added the possibility to have coupons that can also be applied to specific cart items.

Besides this, we added the following filters to our coupon module:

  • You can indicate that a coupon is only active for specific categories
  • You can indicate that a coupon is only valid when a specific product(s) is in the cart
  • You can define the number of items that have to be in the cart/cart.item



Bugfixes and improvements

  • Setting an unexisting language with solid.setLang(“unexisting”) will not store this “unexisting” language anymore. The previous language will still be used for translations.
  • An extra attribute, “use_in_shipping_calculation”, has been added to the product object. This attribute can be used to indicate whether a product should be used in the calculation of shipping costs or not.
  • When the name of an uploaded product image was too long(> 255 characters), the default thumbnail url was truncated and the image would not appear.
  • We made some consistency fixes to our ajax cart(add/remove) urls. Previously the endpoint returned true when the product was not added to the cart. This was the case when you added an unexisting or unpublished product to the cart.

Enjoy the updates everyone and let us know if you have an idea that can improve our applications and services to you. We’d love to know!