Customer Story: Jeroen Knitel from

By popular demand we are starting a showcase series on the blog that will show you who our clients are and how they are using SolidShops for their businesses. To kick things off, Dutch web developer and designer Jeroen Knitel from describes how he is using SolidShops for his clients at his web design studio.

What is the vision behind

At, we want to be a starting point for people that want to do something in the digital space. Whether it’s building a website, a mobile app or a full blown web application, we manage and deliver complete solutions from beginning to end for our clients. By combining different people with different expertise, we are able to provide advice, design, development, hosting and optimization services in such a way that our clients never have to contact a third party. That convenience – ¬†together with efficiency, professional communication and high quality – are the core values of Karb.

What’s the biggest advantage of using SolidShops for your company?

Definitely the biggest advantage is the fact that we don’t have to worry about linking up payment providers and receiving secure payments. With SolidShops, we can switch payment providers with just one mouse click.

Although we provide hosting for our clients ourselves, SolidShops includes hosting that’s focused on running a professional online store and it just works without any additional setup work. That’s something we really like. Since we want to build out unique designs for our clients, I really like the fact that SolidShops themes can be modified easily.

Why did you use SolidShops for your client?

My client wanted an online store fast. Earlier that week I learned about SolidShops at one of the free workshops in Antwerp. When I compared SolidShops pricing with the estimate for a custom built and self-hosted webshop the choice was obvious. SolidShops was just much more cost efficient and that was something both me and my client liked. Since SolidShops supported all features my client wanted, I jumped in and never looked back.

Here are a few screenshots of the store we made for our client:

Any final notes?

Both me and my client are impressed with the speed Joris and Dries – founders of SolidShops – solve bugs and feature requests. Keep up the solid work!

– Jeroen Knitel –