Deployment Day: Version 1.2.4 Is Now Live

When we went into a public beta 18 releases ago, we made a promise that we would be deploying a new and improved version of our application every 2 weeks. This is probably the smallest release since we started out, but we are sticking to our promise!

This release contains the following two improvements:

  • support for Singapore Dollars (SGD)
  • the pagination object for templates was only available for products, now it can also be used for content pages

Recently we’ve been getting some great feedback about our customers, like the following email below. We’d like to thank all our customers for the amazing support that keeps us going and motivates us to make the application better, one release at a time.


You  have helped me so much, and I really wish my
instructors and fellow students had the same attitude. I’ve never really had
such patient and understanding help before. Especially from someone I’ve
never met. I try not to ask too many questions if I know I can figure it out
on my own. It’s my nature to be curious, but I don’t want to rely on other
people to answer my questions for me. I really appreciate the resources
you’ve given me and the help that you’ve provided. Not to mention the blocks
of code that you’ve sent me. Do you know how much time you’ve saved me? All
the while giving me free access to the service? I’m sure you’re aware.. but
are you aware of how grateful my business partner and I are? You really do
want people to build better stores! I hope you guys end up incredibly

Thank you again.


Enjoy the update and keep your feedback coming!

Deployment Day: Version 1.2.3 Is Now Live

While a part of our team is travelling between Ibiza and South Africa(enjoy!), we have prepared the following maintenance release.

As you know, we will only be deploying bugfixes and smaller features during this summer. But that doesn’t mean we are sipping cocktails all day long, although sometimes we wish we were ;)! We are currently working on features that our clients requested like discount coupons, an API based on our twig language and facebook stores!

The 1.2.3 maintenance release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • You could only upload product images > 200×200. Now you can upload any format.
  • A new currency filter has been added. documentation
  • Stock tracking data has been added to our template language “cart” object. documentation
  • While saving templates, a certain error was not caught.
  • We increased the upload limit of files from 2MB to 3 MB.
  • An error while logging in with IE with wrong credentials has been solved.
  • And most important, an issue with the tax calculation on shipping costs that occured in a specific case has been solved.

Enjoy the summer everyone and keep your feedback and requests coming!

Deployment day: version 1.2.2 is now live

Aah summer, the greatest season of them all. But that doesn’t mean we got our tan on, we had a release to prepare for you guys. Here’s what we’ve fixed in this release, based on our clients’ feedback. Thanks for that!

  • sisow iDeal payment provider documentation has been updated
  • multiple file uploads are now possible in the assets browser
  • added support for Swiss Francs
  • added support for Danish Krone
  • loading product details via product.get() is now possible in partials (thanks Pascal)
  • a bug has been fixed where the assets browser showed incorrect thumbnails (thanks Pascal)
  • minor UI improvements in the “Add/Edit Product” screen
  • text didn’t reflect new lines in the order confirmation page, this has been fixed (thanks Jeroen)
  • minor textual improvements have been made to the Dutch checkout translation (thanks Jeroen)
  • minor UI improvements in the “Staff Logins” admin screen
  • you can now add custom JavaScript to the checkout pages by adding a file “checkout.js” to your theme
  • autocomplete functionality in some browsers made the checkout form inconsistent. This has been resolved (thanks David)
  • when adding a user, the password field kept saying that the password was “too short”. This has been fixed.
  • It’s also possible to sent out order confirmation mails to every staff login instead of the “contact email address” only

Enjoy the summer everyone and keep building better stores with SolidShops!

Deployment day: version 1.2.1 is now live

On schedule as always, we bring you version 1.2.1 which is a maintenance release. All stores have been automatically updated to the latest version of the SolidShops application. This release fixes several small bugs which our users have noticed.

Of course, a lot more has happened in the past two weeks. We are working on a number of new features which we are sure you will all like! We still need to polish some details of these features and have decided to do that first, before releasing them to the public.

Stay tuned for further updates, here’s what’s fixed in 1.2.1

  • titles are now shown in your browser’s title bar to facilitate tabbed editing of templates
  • assets sometimes showed a cached version of thumbnails, this has been resolved
  • shipping costs would not be zero when a shopping cart was empty, this has been fixed
  • dates sometimes showed “Today” incorrectly on the list orders page, this has been resolved
  • we’ve made it more clear that you need at least one “base” shipping rule
  • saving Chinese, Japanese or related characters in templates would result in weird looking characters, this has been fixed

That’s it for this release folks. We’ve resolved all bugs that our users have sent us in these two weeks. Stay tuned for some exciting new features in our upcoming releases and thank you all for sending us feedback and bug reports!

Deployment day: version 1.2 is now live

Let’s kick off the release of SolidShops v.1.2 by saying thank You! Thanks to all our users who have been building better stores with SolidShops and who have given us the feedback necessary to mature and improve the application.

This release marks the start of a number of new features which have been asked for by the SolidShops community. Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s what’s new and what has been fixed.

  • SolidShops mobile is here for iPhone/Android/BlackBerry and more
  • support for iDEAL payments through Sisow.nldocumentation is here
  • you can now select “active” of “sandbox” mode for testing payments
  • even better error reporting when building templates
  • uploading of web fonts to your assets is now possible
  • a small pagination bug has been fixed
  • a bug was fixed that would prevent some users from opening the assets browser
  • image thumbnails are generated in your assets browser in all folders

All stores have been automatically upgraded to version 1.2 of the SolidShops app.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback and bug reports. Keep that feedback coming and we’ll keep pushing out updates that you will love!

Deployment day: version 1.1.4 is now live

Two weeks have passed since we launched version 1.1.3 of SolidShops, so today we bring a new update online that contains the following fixes and features:

  • added documentation for the Ogone payment provider
  • captcha images on your contact forms have been made smaller to fit your clients templates better
  • fixed a small bug to support foreign languages when sending out order confirmation emails
  • we now show you the exact line number if you have an error in your templates
  • it’s now possible to use Chinese and similar languages in your store backend
  • orders created in test/sandbox mode are now clearly marked as such
  • added support for currency: Hong Kong Dollar
  • added support for currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham

Thanks again for everyone who has submitted their feedback. We use your feedback to improve our product continuously and we will continue to deploy a new release of our software every two weeks.

As you can see this release is a maintenance release that contains little or no new features. This will be one of the last releases in version 1.1. Look out for version 1.2 which will contain several exciting features our users have been asking for.

Enjoy the update everyone and keep building better stores!

Deployment day: version 1.1.3 is now live

No better day to stress-test our deployment systems than Friday the 13th! Luckily for us the update was flawless and all stores have now been updated to version 1.1.3 of the SolidShops application.

Improvements made in this release:

  • we streamlined our template language and made it more straightforward to build out your templates
  • the documentation has been updated to reflect changes we made to our template language
  • all existing themes have been automatically updated to use the new template language
  • Turkish is now a supported checkout language (Hoşgeldin kullanıcıları türk!)
  • Turkish Lira is now a supported currency
  • Swedish is now a supported checkout language (hurra!)
  • We have removed the limit on images you can add per product. Go nuts!
  • Revision dates are now shown in a more human friendly manner
  • We added sample data and screenshots to new stores to make you feel right at home
  • The signup and getting started process has been polished and made even more user friendly
  • fixed a bug where people could buy more items than there were in stock
  • got rid of RE-CAPTCHA in favor of a much easier to use Captcha system on shop contact forms

We’ve been working on a number of new features as well. Make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you won’t miss any of them when they get announced.

Happy selling!

Deployment day: version 1.1.2 is now live

Spring has finally arrived here in Belgium. Actually, in the past month newspapers have reported that our small country has had the best weather in Europe. Eat that Spain and Italy!

Following up on our bi-weekly deployment promise we’ve made to ourselves and to our clients, we are proud to present our sunny 1.1.2 release.

You can now:

Fixes and improvements in this release include:

  • when editing product variants, original selections and prices are now kept intact
  • added documentation for newly supported payment providers
  • added documentation for creating custom 404 pages
  • added documentation for using custom templates
  • warnings about mixed content on some pages have been resolved
  • removed 21% tax notification for anyone living outside of Belgium
  • a bug was fixed that would not show the full date about events in your dashboard

Thank you all for your constructive feedback and for requesting some very useful features. Keep it coming!

Enjoy the sun everyone!

Deployment day: version 1.1.1 is now live

The bi-weekly deployment process that we started in January this year has proven to be of great value. Not only is it a great way for us to focus only on what really matters, but our customers know that every two weeks we’ll put a new version of our application online. In those new versions we often implement bug fixes, but also new features.

You asked for more payment providers, you got it.

In this release, we have added support for the following payment providers:

Next to this support, we have made the following improvements to the application:

  • we reduced the overall number of queries in the webshops with 60%
  • a bug in our template language that caused duplicate database calls has been fixed
  • the stock level is validated during checkout
  • more detailed statuses are shown in the activity log
  • the link to our admin page was not correct after a password reset
  • wa added the currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)
  • we added the currency: Australian Dollars (AUD)

Keep sending in your feedback so that we can continue to improve our software.

Deployment Day: version 1.1.0 is now live

Since our previous release we have focused our efforts on redesigning the way you can implement payment providers. The interface to add and configure payment providers has been finished and now we are testing and adding more payment methods to the application, based on users’ feedback. The 1.1.0 version of SolidShops marks the beginning of some new exciting features we’ll be implementing.

Over the past few months we’ve fixed a great number of small bugs and issues some users have reported to us. Every bug that was sent in has been resolved and we’ll keep updating and releasing a new version of SolidShops every two weeks.

In this release, the following changes and improvements have been made:

  • rewrite of the payments integrations interface
  • Italian version of the checkout process has been tweaked
  • order confirmation mails now clearly show the shop’s name as the sender
  • adjustment of our pricing plans: the limit on the number of content pages has been removed!
  • Philippine Peso (PHP) has been added to the list of supported currencies.

Keep sending in your feedback so that we can continuously improve the application and help you
build better online stores. Enjoy the update!