Deployment day: version 1.1.4 is now live

Two weeks have passed since we launched version 1.1.3 of SolidShops, so today we bring a new update online that contains the following fixes and features:

  • added documentation for the Ogone payment provider
  • captcha images on your contact forms have been made smaller to fit your clients templates better
  • fixed a small bug to support foreign languages when sending out order confirmation emails
  • we now show you the exact line number if you have an error in your templates
  • it’s now possible to use Chinese and similar languages in your store backend
  • orders created in test/sandbox mode are now clearly marked as such
  • added support for currency: Hong Kong Dollar
  • added support for currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham

Thanks again for everyone who has submitted their feedback. We use your feedback to improve our product continuously and we will continue to deploy a new release of our software every two weeks.

As you can see this release is a maintenance release that contains little or no new features. This will be one of the last releases in version 1.1. Look out for version 1.2 which will contain several exciting features our users have been asking for.

Enjoy the update everyone and keep building better stores!