Deployment Day: Version 1.4.3 Is Now Live

SolidShops keeps improving, thanks to the feedback of our committed users. Thanks you for that!

We’ve incorporated the most requested new feature in this version: custom product fields. With custom product fields, the possibilities of managing products in your store have practically become limitless.

Here are some real life use cases for custom fields, that our users have submitted to us:

Example 1: Adding a marketing quote and Author field to books

One of our users is using custom fields to add fields to the books he’s selling. He wanted the possibility to add author to the book.

On top of that, he wanted the possibility to add a marketing quote to each book, to promote its sales.

Here is our documentation on how to implement custom fields.

Example: Adding extra fields for more SEO control

The SolidShops application is doing a great job for optimizing your stores for optimal rankings in search engines, out of the box. But if you want more control to e.g. enter your own product description to be used for SEO, you can.

We’ve written a short tutorial here on how to implement custom fields for extra SEO control.

Other fixes and improvements

  • added discount coupon information to order confirmation emails
  • added discount coupon information to default invoice template
  • added discount coupon information to mobile order view
  • support for Norwegian and other non-standard character sets in email templates
  • support for Norwegian and other non-standard character sets in PDF invoice templates
  • we now load less orders by default in the mobile app for better performance
  • added feedback when removing a payment method from your settings
  • added documentation for in-store pickups or “pay on delivery”
  • added support for Norwegian Krone (NOK) currency
  • added the ability to send invoice PDF links to your clients
  • clicking on a product image now open the edit mode for that product
  • fixed a bug where coupon dates would not be set to the right day
  • new template filter: explode
  • new template filter: trim

We hope you like this update. Especially the possibility to hook in your own custom fields into products has been requested a lot over the past few months.

We’re now focusing on the next release, which will include a fix for setting VAT/Sales tax based on whether a client is a company or an individual. Stay tuned for more information and thanks for your ongoing support!