Secure e-commerce hosting that includes SSL, support & bug fixes.

You'll never have to update or patch an open source installation again, not here.

We make sure that bugs don't stand a chance, so you can spend time building better stores.

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Run a professional online store
  • Your own domain for your online store

    Your own domain name

    Run your store on any domain name like

    Don't have a domain name yet? No problem, you can start with and configure your domain name later at any time.

  • Secure store administration

    Secure store administration

    Hopefully you've learned by now to only trust websites that take care of your data in a secure way.

    We use SSL encryption whenever you login to your store, to avoid password theft.

  • Easy to use e-commerce CMS

    Free updates and support

    We are not perfect, nobody is. But in case a bug should slip into the application, you can be damn sure that we'll squash it fast and hard.

    If you feel like you could use some support setting up your store, just get in touch with us, we're friendly people. Seriously, we are :).

  • Top industry standards

    Top industry standards

    To keep you safe, we only implement industry top standards. Our servers are running Linux, which are known for their security and stability.

    Your checkout page is secured with SSL encryption and backups are automatically stored off-site daily.